Dear Olivia,

We’ve just celebrated your second birthday party, and, of course, Daddy was on the other end of the phone!

We’re now coming up to the half way point for Daddy being away, and it’s been pretty tough at times, but on the whole it seems to have gone pretty quickly. We’ve had to keep ourselves busy – and planning your birthday party definitely did that!

Even though we got to speak to Daddy a lot on the phone (we usually do as he has a good WiFi connection where he is), it still isn’t the same as having him here with us. The anniversary effect of your birthday and how much we are all missing him has made it pretty emotionally difficult over the last couple of days, and I just can’t wait to have Daddy back home so that we can make up for all of the celebrations he will have missed! Poor old Dad has to spend his birthday, your birthday, my birthday, and potentially my call to the Bar out on deployment while we enjoy ourselves back here! Kiera did send him some balloons and things so that he could have a birthday party on camp though!

I know how much you miss him and Kiera, too. For your birthday your Great Nanny bought you a teddy Guardsman, and you’ve done nothing but snuggle it tightly because it’s “Daddy”. But don’t worry sweetie, it won’t be much longer until he’s back home annoying us all once more. He’s already pestering me to recreate my amazing baked creations from your birthday party when he gets back! He doesn’t miss a trick, does he?

The next exciting thing for us is Legoland this week, and I really can’t wait to take you and then to go again when Daddy gets home! You’re going to love it! After that I have to focus on finishing my course (and hopefully finding some lawyer related work when it does finish) to keep myself nice and occupied, and hopefully these last two months of Daddy’s deployment will go just as quickly as the first!

I love you so much Olivia, and I can’t wait for Daddy to come home to see how much you’ve grown up. You amaze me every day, and I cannot believe that you are 2! It must be some cruel joke that the universe is playing on me.

Goodnight sweetheart

Je t’aime