Dear Olivia,

It seems crazy to think that you’re now 2, and even crazier to think that I’m now leaving the world of studying behind! That’s right, Mummy has completed the BPTC and starting Monday I’ll have a full time legal job! 

So much is changing for us and so much always is changing. I don’t think we’ve had any one week the same as the last, and as much as I love my hectic, busy life, I’m almost looking forward to having it calm down just a tad.

More than anything, I’m excited to have weekends and evenings off – off from work, from studying, and from all of the guilt I used to feel about having to do those things, and some days not even seeing you except for half an hour in the mornings as I spent a whole day at uni and then went straight to work from there.

As hard as it has been this past year, I feel like I’ve accomplished something truly spectacular in completing my course and I finally feel like we are moving forward. We are building our family and our home life with strong foundations and that can only mean that we will have an amazing time building it higher and higher. I’m so proud of myself, for once, and I’m proud of you, too. You’ve been through a lot of change and disruption, moving childminders, having me and Daddy around one minute and gone the next, having to spend a few days or a week at Nanny’s house, not seeing Kiera anymore… It must have all taken its toll and you’ve coped amazingly well. I’m shocked at just how well you have coped – it’s made it 100 times easier on me.

You are such a sweet and caring little girl and I’m so proud to call myself your Mummy. I hope one day you’ll be proud to call me that, too.