Letters to Olivia



Letter Thirty Five: world breastfeeding week…

Dear Olivia,

My mummy friends and I have started a new venture. A new blog bringing together all aspects of parenting, and, of course, you are one of the regular features!  Continue reading “Letter Thirty Five: world breastfeeding week…”

Letter Thirty Two: Strep B awareness…

Dear Olivia,

July is Group B Strep awareness month, and I needed to write something to you about it. You see, when I was pregnant, only one person told me about Strep B, and that was my dear friend Harriet (mummygoeswhereflogoes). Thankfully, she was one of the few expectant mothers that did know she needed to be tested for Strep B, because it turned out that she was Group B Strep Positive, and that meant that lovely baby Florence’s life was at risk before she’d even made it out into the world. Continue reading “Letter Thirty Two: Strep B awareness…”

Letter Twenty Nine: you are a year old!…

Dear Olivia,

You’re one. ONE. ONE YEAR OLD. How did that happen? It feels like yesterday that you came into the world and now you’re one! Continue reading “Letter Twenty Nine: you are a year old!…”

Letter Twenty Five: the army life awaits us…

Dear Olivia,

You are now officially an army brat! Daddy has rejoined the Grenadier Guards Continue reading “Letter Twenty Five: the army life awaits us…”

Letter Sixteen: world mental health day…

Dear Olivia,

This is a hard letter to write because in a way it’s me admitting that I feel like a failure to you. I shouldn’t have to feel this way, because post natal depression is such a common thing that many women suffer from after giving birth, but we are taught as women to keep our feelings bottled up and never speak of them to anyone.  Continue reading “Letter Sixteen: world mental health day…”

Letter Thirteen: the worst day of my life so far…

Dear Olivia,

I can’t say sorry enough.

On Monday you had your frenulotomy, or, for the majority of people who will have absolutely no idea what that means, you had the tiny piece of flesh under your tongue snipped back. Continue reading “Letter Thirteen: the worst day of my life so far…”

Letter Seven: your love of calpol…


Dear Olivia,

You have an ear infection, which explains a lot! You poor little baby girl.

You have been squashing up the left side of your face with your hand and holding your ear. I wouldn’t have thought you could have that reflex to touch where it is that is hurting you just yet! But you definitely are doing it, and you’re almost poking your eyes out when you do!

Thankfully we managed to get you some antibiotics but after a nasty rash appeared had to get a different one, and it’s banana flavoured! Continue reading “Letter Seven: your love of calpol…”

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