Letters to Olivia


Letters from Nanny

Wedding day

well what can I say my little baby Mrs you were so well behaved I thought mummy and daddy had switched you with another little girl! You looked so beautiful in your special dress and hung on to your bouquet even though the stalks had snapped and the flowers were all floppy. Mummy looked just like a princess and was getting very stressed so I took you upstairs and you played in the bath for ages so much so that you fell asleep after and I then had to wake you to get you dressed for the big day!             Hope you’re enjoying your holiday and I will see you soon  munchkin.                                                                                          Love you lots and lots.                                                                  Nanny xxxx

Little star

Dear Olivia

I keep watching the little video I have of you singing and the one of you dancing with your sister and you really are a little ⭐️

You’re so funny but fun to be around as well and I’m sure mummy appreciates that at the moment because she’s had some grown up stuff to deal with but I think things will get better now because mummy has all the family she needs in us doesn’t she?

Auntie Lauren still has no respite so I can’t come and see you yet but hopefully will see you in a couple of weeks when you come to stay at mine again and we’ll have lots of lovely cuddles. Well I’d better go and get my beauty sleep I’ve got another place to look at tomorrow for Lauren so night night Mrs Bottom Poos love you lots and lots

Nanny xxxx

You’re growing too quick

Dear Olivia

Well our moving house didn’t quite go to plan and I didn’t get to spend the time with you I thought I was going to! Continue reading “You’re growing too quick”


Dear Olivia

thought i’d write you another letter before I get too busy next week with all the cleaning and packing I’ve got to do, because I’m moving nearer to you in a couple of weeks and although you’ll be moving soon after to your Army house, we’ll have lots of time together. Continue reading “Munchkins”

My first letter to Mrs Bottom

Well Olivia I’m hoping that I’m doing this right because I’m not as clever as mummy at all this stuff! Continue reading “My first letter to Mrs Bottom”

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