Letters to Olivia



Letter Thirty Five: world breastfeeding week…

Dear Olivia,

My mummy friends and I have started a new venture. A new blog bringing together all aspects of parenting, and, of course, you are one of the regular features!  Continue reading “Letter Thirty Five: world breastfeeding week…”

Letter Twenty Four: I miss you…

Dear Olivia,

Tonight is my first night without you here. My first night not having to tiptoe to make sure I don’t wake you. My first night where I’ve been able to soak in the bath and not be ready to jump out and run to your aid when you do wake up. My first night without your gorgeous smile and your snuggles at bedtime. Continue reading “Letter Twenty Four: I miss you…”

Letter Twenty One: our first day of 2017…

Dear Olivia,

Today I’m going to document a day in the life of us. Partly because I never know what I’ve even done all day, but mainly because this is the first day of our new year together. Continue reading “Letter Twenty One: our first day of 2017…”

Letter Nineteen: little food monster…

Dear Olivia,

It’s nearly a month since the last letter – that’s right; you’re coming up for 6 months old! Soon you’ll be getting a job and supporting me for a while!!! Continue reading “Letter Nineteen: little food monster…”

Letter Seventeen: 5 annoying habits you’ve given me…

Dear Olivia,

While I love you very, very much, there are a few things I do now that I really wish I didn’t, all thanks to the joys of being a mummy…

Here they are; Continue reading “Letter Seventeen: 5 annoying habits you’ve given me…”

Letter Thirteen: the worst day of my life so far…

Dear Olivia,

I can’t say sorry enough.

On Monday you had your frenulotomy, or, for the majority of people who will have absolutely no idea what that means, you had the tiny piece of flesh under your tongue snipped back. Continue reading “Letter Thirteen: the worst day of my life so far…”

Letter Nine: some peace of mind…


Dear Olivia,

This letter is more for myself than it is for you, but I want to explain something to you a) to make me feel better in myself and b) in the hope that you won’t judge me when you eventually grow up and make me a Nanny with babies of your own! Continue reading “Letter Nine: some peace of mind…”

Letter Three: you are so cute I could die…

Dear Olivia,

Daddy just changed your nappy (for once! I’m kidding, he actually does it a lot). You’re laying on your changing mat trying ever so hard to talk to us, cooing and gurgling and smiling and laughing. It’s moments like these that make me forget how annoyed and frustrated I get when you cry incessantly and refuse to sleep.

Daddy tickled your tummy and kissed your chubby cheeks and you kicked away excitedly while he did it, cooing some more and giving us that gorgeous smile that makes my heart absolutely melt.

But today hasn’t been all fun and games. Oh no. Continue reading “Letter Three: you are so cute I could die…”

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