Letters to Olivia



Letter Fifty One: the morning drop offs

Dear Olivia,

Since Daddy left us almost 3 months ago (I know! That means not long left until he’s back home!), you’ve understandably had a bit of separation anxiety. Continue reading “Letter Fifty One: the morning drop offs”

Letter Forty Nine: whoa we’re half way there…

Dear Olivia,

We’ve just celebrated your second birthday party, and, of course, Daddy was on the other end of the phone!

We’re now coming up to the half way point for Daddy being away, and it’s been pretty tough at times, but on the whole it seems to have gone pretty quickly. We’ve had to keep ourselves busy – and planning your birthday party definitely did that! Continue reading “Letter Forty Nine: whoa we’re half way there…”

Letter Forty Eight: we’re doing okay…

Dear Olivia,

Daddy has been gone for about a week and a half now, and I’ve only had you back from Nanny’s house since last Saturday, but things are alright for us at the moment.

You’ve been clingier than usual, which is understandable, and you’re testing boundaries a lot more because it’s only me you’re up against. You’ve always been a handful for me anyway but now it’s even more so with nobody to help calm your terrible tantrums. But despite all of that, we’re doing okay. Continue reading “Letter Forty Eight: we’re doing okay…”

Letter Forty Six: being a mummy without a mummy…

Dear Olivia,

Days attributed to parents have always made me feel really quite rubbish, but I always used to celebrate Mother’s Day with my mum. It’s only been the last five or six years that I haven’t, but since you’ve been here this is the first one without her around or at the end of a phone call. What makes it harder is that she’s not around by choice. Continue reading “Letter Forty Six: being a mummy without a mummy…”

Letter Forty Two: mummy daughter day…

Dear Olivia,

It’s Wednesday, and in our house that means it’s mummy daughter day! The one day a week when I’m not either at university or at work. Continue reading “Letter Forty Two: mummy daughter day…”

Letter Forty-One: my little chatterbox…

Dear Olivia,

You’ve really come along well with your speech!

You’re saying a variety of words, and even some French ones Continue reading “Letter Forty-One: my little chatterbox…”

Letter Twenty Nine: you are a year old!…

Dear Olivia,

You’re one. ONE. ONE YEAR OLD. How did that happen? It feels like yesterday that you came into the world and now you’re one! Continue reading “Letter Twenty Nine: you are a year old!…”

Letter Twenty Eight: mummy can’t sleep…

Dear Olivia,

You are so adorable in your cot tonight. I came upstairs to find you curled up in a foetal position, facing the wrong way and on top of your covers, cuddling Peter Rabbit and Continue reading “Letter Twenty Eight: mummy can’t sleep…”

Letter Twenty Seven: it’s all coming together for us…

Dear Olivia,

I haven’t seen you very much for the last week and a bit. I’ve been commuting to London every day for work Continue reading “Letter Twenty Seven: it’s all coming together for us…”

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