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Dear Olivia,

You have a new baby sister!

I say new, she’s now 7 weeks old. You’ve been a fantastic big sister for 7 weeks already.

I suppose this means the name of this blog will have to change – letters to Éloïse are on the horizon!

I’m so proud of how well you’ve adapted to having a new baby in the house. I know Éloïse feels so loved by you already.

My experience of having a baby this time around has been so different, too. I am probably one of the only people who is grateful for the coronavirus and the lockdowns that have allowed me to spend so much time with you. Even now, despite being back at work and you back at school, our new baby bubble is protected a little by me mostly working from home and having more time with you both than I usually would. I hope you remember this time as such a happy, wonderful time – that is how I will treasure these moments with you both forever.

I love you so much my gorgeous girls. It’s been a long time since I’ve written one of these letters, but I hope to be able to write more soon.

Love, Mummy xxx

Letter Thirty Six: Kiera wrote to you again…

Dear Olivia,

Kiera wrote you a second letter today! Here it is… Continue reading “Letter Thirty Six: Kiera wrote to you again…”

Letter Thirty Four: you and me against the world…

Dear Olivia,

It seems that your short life so far has already been full of drama and turmoil and I’m just so thankful that you aren’t old enough to remember any of it.

Continue reading “Letter Thirty Four: you and me against the world…”

Letter Twenty Nine: you are a year old!…

Dear Olivia,

You’re one. ONE. ONE YEAR OLD. How did that happen? It feels like yesterday that you came into the world and now you’re one! Continue reading “Letter Twenty Nine: you are a year old!…”

My first letter to Mrs Bottom

Well Olivia I’m hoping that I’m doing this right because I’m not as clever as mummy at all this stuff! Continue reading “My first letter to Mrs Bottom”

Letter Twenty Three: you are growing up far too quickly…

Dear Olivia,

On Sunday 29th January 2017 we had you baptised at All Souls Church! It was definitely a memorable experience – what with your cousin pulling the plug out of the font and draining nearly all of the holy water away Continue reading “Letter Twenty Three: you are growing up far too quickly…”

Letter Eighteen: you’re 5 months old…

Dear Olivia,

You are totally, completely different to the little munchkin we all fell in love with 5 months and 1 week ago.

Back then, you looked different, you cried differently, you had a different facial expression which seemed to suggest permanent confusion… I suppose that makes sense given that one minute you’re toasty in my tummy and the next you’re in a bright, loud environment that you’re unfamiliar with!

Scan_20160621 (2).jpg

Continue reading “Letter Eighteen: you’re 5 months old…”

Letter Eleven: you’re three months old…


Dear Olivia,

I haven’t written a letter for a while so there is lots to tell you! Today you are 3 months old. That’s right, 3 whole months. At this stage in my pregnancy I’d known about you for 2 months, had heard your heartbeat and seen your little shrimp-like figure in a sonogram a week before the end of the first trimester.

It feels like time is going insanely quickly. You’re rolling over, and even sitting up by yourself now! Continue reading “Letter Eleven: you’re three months old…”

Letter Seven: your love of calpol…


Dear Olivia,

You have an ear infection, which explains a lot! You poor little baby girl.

You have been squashing up the left side of your face with your hand and holding your ear. I wouldn’t have thought you could have that reflex to touch where it is that is hurting you just yet! But you definitely are doing it, and you’re almost poking your eyes out when you do!

Thankfully we managed to get you some antibiotics but after a nasty rash appeared had to get a different one, and it’s banana flavoured! Continue reading “Letter Seven: your love of calpol…”

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