Letters to Olivia



Letter Thirty: our new home…

Dear Olivia,

We’re now on the pads’ estate, tons of other service families around us in a lovely house with a great big garden for you to run around in!

And things just seem better. Continue reading “Letter Thirty: our new home…”

Letter Twenty Eight: mummy can’t sleep…

Dear Olivia,

You are so adorable in your cot tonight. I came upstairs to find you curled up in a foetal position, facing the wrong way and on top of your covers, cuddling Peter Rabbit and Continue reading “Letter Twenty Eight: mummy can’t sleep…”

Letter Twenty One: our first day of 2017…

Dear Olivia,

Today I’m going to document a day in the life of us. Partly because I never know what I’ve even done all day, but mainly because this is the first day of our new year together. Continue reading “Letter Twenty One: our first day of 2017…”

Letter Sixteen: world mental health day…

Dear Olivia,

This is a hard letter to write because in a way it’s me admitting that I feel like a failure to you. I shouldn’t have to feel this way, because post natal depression is such a common thing that many women suffer from after giving birth, but we are taught as women to keep our feelings bottled up and never speak of them to anyone.  Continue reading “Letter Sixteen: world mental health day…”

Letter Fifteen: your laugh sends me to heaven…

Dear Olivia,

I should have written this one ages ago but I kept forgetting (baby brain – I can still use that excuse can’t I?). We stayed with Nanny for a whole week while I had a mini pupillage and while Daddy was working, and one night after I came home you had a tiny snooze and then woke up feeling playful. Continue reading “Letter Fifteen: your laugh sends me to heaven…”

Letter Ten: I heart your little heart…

Dear Olivia,

This morning after your 7am feed you went back to sleep (which is an oddity in itself) and instead of moving you from my bed into the Chicco I just gazed at you. And then I put my ear to your chest, and, for the first time since you were born, I heard your heartbeat again. Continue reading “Letter Ten: I heart your little heart…”

Letter Eight: you’re such a clever baby…

Dear Olivia,

Firstly, please forgive me for writing about every tiny little thing that you do, but at the moment you dominate my whole life and when I spend most of the day staring at you it’s hard not to write about everything.

Secondly, YOU JUST ROLLED OVER!You are 11 weeks and 1 day old, and you just rolled over. I’m in shock. Stop growing up so quickly!

Here’s how it happened… Continue reading “Letter Eight: you’re such a clever baby…”

Letter Five: sleepy little sausage…

Dear Olivia,

You are finally asleep on my chest after whinging at me for bloody ages. I don’t usually like you sleeping at this time of day because you’re less likely to sleep most of the night, but you haven’t been well and you need a bit of TLC, mummy thinks! Continue reading “Letter Five: sleepy little sausage…”

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