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letters to my daughters

My First Letter to Éloïse

Dear Éloïse, Here is my first letter to you, of hopefully many more to come before you turn 18. I'm not sure if I'll match the number of letters Olivia has so far, as I have so much less time... Continue Reading →

News from our house

Dear Olivia, You have a new baby sister! I say new, she's now 7 weeks old. You've been a fantastic big sister for 7 weeks already. I suppose this means the name of this blog will have to change -... Continue Reading →

Letter Fifty Two: storybook soldiers…

Dear Olivia, Before Daddy left, I made him go along to this session where he could record himself reading a story to you for bedtime. This is the sort of thing that your dad gets ridiculously cringed out by, but... Continue Reading →

Letter Fifty One: the morning drop offs

Dear Olivia, Since Daddy left us almost 3 months ago (I know! That means not long left until he's back home!), you've understandably had a bit of separation anxiety. It's a normal thing, all babies and toddlers will experience it... Continue Reading →

Letter Fifty: our newest adventure…

Dear Olivia, It seems crazy to think that you're now 2, and even crazier to think that I'm now leaving the world of studying behind! That's right, Mummy has completed the BPTC and starting Monday I'll have a full time... Continue Reading →

Letter Forty Nine: whoa we’re half way there…

Dear Olivia, We've just celebrated your second birthday party, and, of course, Daddy was on the other end of the phone! We're now coming up to the half way point for Daddy being away, and it's been pretty tough at... Continue Reading →

Letter Forty Eight: we’re doing okay…

Dear Olivia, Daddy has been gone for about a week and a half now, and I've only had you back from Nanny's house since last Saturday, but things are alright for us at the moment. You've been clingier than usual,... Continue Reading →

Letter Forty Seven: au revoir à papa…

Dear Olivia, Daddy was supposed to be leaving us last week, but guess what? HE'S HERE FOR ANOTHER WEEK!!!! We're stuck with him for another week until he goes away for four whole months... How I'm going to cope with... Continue Reading →

Letter Forty Six: being a mummy without a mummy…

Dear Olivia, Days attributed to parents have always made me feel really quite rubbish, but I always used to celebrate Mother's Day with my mum. It's only been the last five or six years that I haven't, but since you've... Continue Reading →

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