Letters to Olivia

Letter Thirty Eight: university and motherhood are hard to juggle…

IMG_0165Dear 21 year old Olivia,

Don’t get pregnant in your last year at university. It’s not a good idea. You’ll have to juggle starting your law career (we both know that’s what your destined for) and childcare, and I can definitively tell you that childcare is absolutely the hardest part of all of this.

Daddy and I thought we had it sussed. We arranged for an au pair to stay with us while I go off to study my BPTC, the last educational training I have to undergo to become a barrister. In principle, it was a brilliant idea. Cheap childcare, flexible hours, help with speaking French and reminding us to speak French to you. Continue reading “Letter Thirty Eight: university and motherhood are hard to juggle…”


Letter Thirty Seven: you amaze me every day…

But not always in a good way, madam. Some days you amaze me with how loving and clever and wonderful you are. Other days you amaze me with how testing you are! I recently wrote on our other blog,, about how naughty you can be. Trust me, I cannot wait for the day that these toddler tantrums are over! Continue reading “Letter Thirty Seven: you amaze me every day…”

Letter Thirty Six: Kiera wrote to you again…

Dear Olivia,

Kiera wrote you a second letter today! Here it is… Continue reading “Letter Thirty Six: Kiera wrote to you again…”

Letter Thirty Five: world breastfeeding week…

Dear Olivia,

My mummy friends and I have started a new venture. A new blog bringing together all aspects of parenting, and, of course, you are one of the regular features!  Continue reading “Letter Thirty Five: world breastfeeding week…”

Little star

Dear Olivia

I keep watching the little video I have of you singing and the one of you dancing with your sister and you really are a little ⭐️

You’re so funny but fun to be around as well and I’m sure mummy appreciates that at the moment because she’s had some grown up stuff to deal with but I think things will get better now because mummy has all the family she needs in us doesn’t she?

Auntie Lauren still has no respite so I can’t come and see you yet but hopefully will see you in a couple of weeks when you come to stay at mine again and we’ll have lots of lovely cuddles. Well I’d better go and get my beauty sleep I’ve got another place to look at tomorrow for Lauren so night night Mrs Bottom Poos love you lots and lots

Nanny xxxx

Letter Thirty Four: you and me against the world…

Dear Olivia,

It seems that your short life so far has already been full of drama and turmoil and I’m just so thankful that you aren’t old enough to remember any of it.

Continue reading “Letter Thirty Four: you and me against the world…”

Letter Thirty Three: mummy’s graduation…

Dear Olivia,

Yesterday, much to the annoyance of all those who told me I couldn’t do it, I graduated from university. You came to my ceremony and even got to try my graduation cap on! You won’t remember it, but it was made so much more special with you being there. Continue reading “Letter Thirty Three: mummy’s graduation…”

Letter Thirty Two: Strep B awareness…

Dear Olivia,

July is Group B Strep awareness month, and I needed to write something to you about it. You see, when I was pregnant, only one person told me about Strep B, and that was my dear friend Harriet (mummygoeswhereflogoes). Thankfully, she was one of the few expectant mothers that did know she needed to be tested for Strep B, because it turned out that she was Group B Strep Positive, and that meant that lovely baby Florence’s life was at risk before she’d even made it out into the world. Continue reading “Letter Thirty Two: Strep B awareness…”

Letter Thirty One: mummy’s another year older…

Dear Olivia,

This year Mummy’s birthday was spent much in the same way as last year. Running errands, looking after you and having lots of snuggles and kisses.

Reminiscing about this time last year Continue reading “Letter Thirty One: mummy’s another year older…”

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