Letters to Olivia

Letter Thirty: our new home…

Dear Olivia,

We’re now on the pads’ estate, tons of other service families around us in a lovely house with a great big garden for you to run around in!

And things just seem better. Continue reading “Letter Thirty: our new home…”

Letter Twenty Nine: you are a year old!…

Dear Olivia,

You’re one. ONE. ONE YEAR OLD. How did that happen? It feels like yesterday that you came into the world and now you’re one! Continue reading “Letter Twenty Nine: you are a year old!…”

Just a quickie…

Today myself and four other mummy bloggers have made some decisions about something… 😉

Keep an eye out folks, this is going to be epic!

Letter Twenty Eight: mummy can’t sleep…

Dear Olivia,

You are so adorable in your cot tonight. I came upstairs to find you curled up in a foetal position, facing the wrong way and on top of your covers, cuddling Peter Rabbit and Continue reading “Letter Twenty Eight: mummy can’t sleep…”


Dear Olivia

thought i’d write you another letter before I get too busy next week with all the cleaning and packing I’ve got to do, because I’m moving nearer to you in a couple of weeks and although you’ll be moving soon after to your Army house, we’ll have lots of time together. Continue reading “Munchkins”

My first letter to Mrs Bottom

Well Olivia I’m hoping that I’m doing this right because I’m not as clever as mummy at all this stuff! Continue reading “My first letter to Mrs Bottom”

Letter Twenty Seven: it’s all coming together for us…

Dear Olivia,

I haven’t seen you very much for the last week and a bit. I’ve been commuting to London every day for work Continue reading “Letter Twenty Seven: it’s all coming together for us…”

Letter Twenty Six: what happened to my baby?…

Dear Olivia (or as we like to call you, Mrs Bottom),

A lot has changed since the last time I wrote to you! You are 10 and a half months old now, tottering around everywhere and having rather embarassing toddler tantrums in the middle of Sainsbury’s. Continue reading “Letter Twenty Six: what happened to my baby?…”

Letter Twenty Five: the army life awaits us…

Dear Olivia,

You are now officially an army brat! Daddy has rejoined the Grenadier Guards Continue reading “Letter Twenty Five: the army life awaits us…”

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